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Author Topic: [X100] Advertisement Event February 10-23 [END]  (Read 12060 times)

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[X100] Advertisement Event February 10-23 [END]
« on: April 12, 2018, 08:11:13 pm »
Hey, hey, hey! To increase players count and give our players chance to get free FA we announce advertisement event!
What you have to do? Just share our opening informatiion with the world. Spread your word!

1 Gaming Forum topic: 1 FA
MSG to 100+ skype contacts: 2 FA
3 Facebook posts in groups: 1 FA
You also can choose other ways to advertise and you can be sure you will get FA for it!

What you should do after you made ads?
Just put screenshots of your ads in this topic and your nick in game.

Skype/FB text:
LA2AXE.NET X100 Interlude Start: 2019 February 23! - all players get Bonus! Online: 1000+

Ads Event is active till: February 23

Forum topic name:
LA2AXE.NET X100 Interlude Start: 2019 February 23!

Forum ads text:
Code: [Select]

[b]Lineage 2 X100 Interlude Season Opening:
2019 FEBRUARY 23 19:00 GMT+2  [/b]

[b]Premium Bonus for players![/b]
First 300 players will receive Premium Medal after second class changing and first 50 players will receive Caradine Letter after third class changing!

[b]On Lineage2 Interlude LA2AXE.NET we guarantee:[/b]
- Stablest platform in nowadays L2 world.
- Strongest protection from DDOS attacks in market.
- Long term game without wipe.
- Comfortable game without freezes and delays.
- Daily EVENTS and PvP 24/7 everyday.
- Helpful administration team.
- And much more!

[b]Website: [url]WWW.LA2AXE.NET[/url][/b]

[b]We would like you to present novelty of Lineage2 Interlude world![/b]
Special Raid Boss Drop:
- Golkonda: BEWS 1-3 (50%), BEAS 1-3 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%)
- Shax: BEWS 1-3 (50%), BEAS 1-3 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%)
- Decabria: BEWS 1-2 (50%), BEAS 1-2 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%)
- Kernon: BEWS 1-4 (50%), BEAS 1-4 (70%), TOP LS 76LVL 1-5 (80%)[/b]

[b]Rates Information:[/b]
XP/SP: x100
Party XP/SP: x1.4
Adena: x50
Drop: x35
Spoil: x35
Seal Stones: x1.2
Manor: x2
Quest Reward: x3 (Not for all)
Quest Drop: x10 (Not for all)
Item RaidBoss: x10
Adena RaidBoss: x2
Item GrandBoss: x1
Adena GrandBoss: x

[b]Enchant Rates[/b]
Safe Enchant: +3 / full armor +6
Max Enchant for armor / weapon: +16
Max Enchant for jewelery: +16
Normal Enchant: 65%
Blessed Enchant: 75%

[b]PVP Zones[/b]
1. Baium Lair and TOI 13/14 are PVP zones.
2. Valakas PVP zone near NPC "Klein".
3. Antharas Lair and near "Heart Of Warding" are PVP zones.
4. Frintezza PVP zone is in first Imperial Tomb room.
5. Queen Ant PVP zone after the bridge and near Boss.
- When you enter to zones you get violet nick( FLAG ). When you exit from zone, after 20s your flag remove.

Full working Raid / Grand Boss instances.
Cursed weapons system.
Automatic table for class change at 20, 40, 76 levels. 1st class reward: 5kk, 2nd class reward: 10kk, 3rd class reward: 30kk adenas.
Retail augmentation system.
No quest for subclass.
Skills auto learn.
Champions system.
Maximum Buffs: 32 ( +4 Divine Inspiration ) | Debuffs: 6.
Buff Time: 2 hours.
Caradine Letter in shop.
Scheme buffer.
Offline Shop from 25 level.
Everyday event: TVT.
Mana potions: 500MP / 5SEC.
Shop: up to Top B-grade.
Max clients per pc: 5.
Command: .menu

Olympiad period - one week.
Olympiad time 18:00 - 24:00.
Heroes change at saturday.
Validation period at sunday 00:05 - 12:00. On 12 hours period you have to exchange noblesse gate pass.

[b]Join, tell your friends and begin new era of Lineage2 Interlude![/b]

[b]Lineage2 X100 Interlude Season Opening:
2019 FEBRUARY 23 19:00 GMT+2  [/b]

[b]Website: [url]WWW.LA2AXE.NET[/url][/b]
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Re: [X100] Advertisement Event February 10-23
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2019, 01:41:20 pm »


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Re: [X100] Advertisement Event February 10-23 [END]
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2019, 10:26:07 pm »
Subtle Asian Dating and Subtle Asian Traits have been censoring any posts that is related to Adriana Chechik

2. Have a beautiful view on Asian women

Threads critical of AF cannot be posted as standalone threads; they must be posted in weekly mega thread. exclusions for original thought based on analysis, Not fury.

Every topic, Social or political is viewed from lens of "Is it necessary for Asians, Don devolve a complex issue down to whether the American political left or right supports it or is against it.

5. Don be negative

if you're more dedicated life in America as an Asian is hell on Earth, Work on yourself don ruin the sub with your rantings as though your view on life was describing life for beautiful young chinese girls Asians. Don claim all is undoable. regarded as activist sub; Don discourage activism.

6. Don decrease allies

Anyone comes here and starts you will need to we "Shouldn ally with blues, Whites or anyone who non Asian that are sympathetic to our cause will be canned.

7. Don attack other minorities

Unless you are quite a long time member, We will perceive posts that criticize other minority group as potential trolling like divide and conquer in the minority community and your post will be removed. Be useful, generally attack.

8. Extremist views aren good

We are about rewards. getting a binary view of Blacks, whites, Asian all women, america, compression etc. not necessarily useful.

9. directed at Asian diaspora

Native Asians living in Asia are accepted on our sub, They need to keep in mind all our rules and abide by them.